The Power of Mindfulness: Practical Techniques for Achieving Work-Life BalanceListen now (5 min) | Join us for an episode of Builders&Sellers, where we explore the power of mindfulness and how you can use it to achieve work-life…

January 2023

Starting an online business can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if you're doing it for the first time…
Idea Generation 101: From Inspiration to ValidationListen now (3 min) | Mastering the Art of Finding and Evaluating Startup Ideas
For sustainable success and well-being in the business world
Talking To Your UsersListen now (3 min) | Useful Tips On Acquiring Your First Customers
Conducting User Interviews
Step-by-Step Guide for Startup Founders
Acquiring Your First CustomersListen now (14 min) | Step-by-Step Guide for Startup Founders
Pricing Strategies for Startups: Navigating the Business Model Landscape and Determining the Right Price Point
Pricing for Success: Navigating the Business Model and Pricing Strategies for Your StartupListen now (14 min) | Maximizing Profits and Attracting High-Value Customers: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Models and Pricing Strategies for…

December 2022

Merry Christmas & happy holidays! πŸŽ„
Navigating the Holiday Season as a Solo EntrepreneurListen now (5 min) | Strategies and tips for balancing work, personal life, and the holiday rush